Kyle Simmons, Pharm.D.


Kyle received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the University of Oklahoma. He is a fourth-generation long-term care provider and has grown up entrenched in this industry. Much of his early years were spent in his family’s facilities.

Tanner Corsini, Pharm.D.


Tanner received his Biological Science degree from Oklahoma State University and went on to earn his Doctor of Pharmacy degree at the University of Oklahoma. He joined Boomer Solutions in 2010 and serves as the co-president.

Chris Keith

Manager, Pharmacy Support & Enterprise Projects

Originally from Tulsa, Okla., Chris received his bachelor’s degree in computer information systems management. Part of Guardian since 2018, he has been working in LTC or some form of pharmacy technology since 2004.

Arthur “Spud” Duvall


After receiving his BA in business management from Southeastern Oklahoma State University in 1997, Arthur worked in various roles before joining Boomer Solutions in 2015 as controller.

Jessica Berry

Human Resources

Originally from Fort Worth, Texas, Jessica graduated from Texas A&M and has been with Guardian since 2020. She has a diverse human resources background and has worked for many large companies.

Aaron Bartels

Account Manager

Originally from Springfield, Ill., Aaron began working at a LTC pharmacy at age 19. He has experience in every department, and for the past 12 years has served in account management. He is pursuing a degree in business administration.

Sam Methratta

Manager, Pharmacy Operations / PIC

Originally from Boston, Mass., Sam graduated from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy with his Pharm.D. Prior to joining Guardian in 2020, he held multiple lead pharmacist positions in both retail and LTC pharmacy.

Cynthia Cornell

Nurse Account Manager

Originally from Lubbock, Texas, Cynthia graduated from Covenant School of Nursing as an RN in 2000. She has a diverse healthcare background, ranging from sales to nursing education to clinical administration.

J. Kevin Kirkpatrick

Director of Sales and Marketing

A 20-year veteran in the senior living marketplace, Kevin has been with Guardian Pharmacy of Dallas-Fort Worth since 2017, the very beginning.

Alex Goode

Regional Billing Manager

Originally from Tulsa, Okla., Alex received his bachelor’s degree in cellular biology. Prior to joining Boomer Solutions in 2019, he spent 10 years in the pharmacy industry in management and as a technician.